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Consultation process

For basic training advice and puppy/kitten advice there is no need for a referral.

For behavioural issues please contact me to discuss the consultation process.

The length of the consultation is usually 1.5 – 3 hours usually at your home as it is important that both you and your pet are allowed to behave normally. The consultation is friendly and relaxed and a nice cup of tea no sugar must feature within the first hour of proceedings. We will chat as I observe your pets behaviour and take an extensive ‘behavioural’ history. We will discuss why your pet might be behaving this way and how we can modify it. We will also practice any modification techniques and if relevant may go out for a walk. A full report is written and sent to both you and the referring vet. I also follow up all consultations with a second visit included in the price and I am always at the end of the phone or email.

Because I am a qualified clinical animal behaviourist costs may be covered by insurance so check out your insurance terms and conditions. All insurance claims have to come via veterinary referral.

As a full APBC member I am bound by a code of conduct and thus my consultations are fairly priced.